What is Tyre Retreading: Pros and Cons

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What is Tyre Retreading: Pros and Cons

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When a tyre loses its tread to some extent, there is no need to throw it out always. The restoration of the treads of a worn tyre is known as retreading. It is the process in which the casing of the tyres can be reused and configured with new treads. The process of retreading that is removing the old tread and adding the new one, can offer you the qualities as you will find in a new tyre.

Retreading is a process to give the tyre a new life by replacing the worn-out tread with the new one. A well-inspected tyre that is in good condition can only be retreaded. Retreading of the tyre can increase tyre life and can suppress the investment for buying a new tyre.

The retreading process includes inspection, buffing, repairing, building tread and curing. It can be done through two types of techniques that includes hot and cold retreading.

Now maybe you will think, anyway it is not new, then how can it be helpful for you?

There was a time when people never believed in retreaded tyre quality and in actuality they were not retreaded with such great quality. But now there is no need to worry about the quality, the old tyres are processed well enough to match the new tyre’s performance.

Is retreading tyre really effective?

Here we will discuss the benefits of the retreaded tyre, and how it can help you save money, save the environment and how it can add extra miles to your moves.


  • Cost-effective

The manufacturing cost for a retreaded tyre is less compared to a new tyre. Buying everything new with the thought that it will be better is a human mindset. Sometimes you need to choose alternatives to make it economically and financially feasible for you, without compromising on quality and safety.

What if you can have an alternative with a number of benefits in terms of saving money as well as contributing to a greener earth?

  • Environment-friendly

The oil used in new tyre manufacturing is 22 gallons that is too much and is reduced in tyre retreading to 7 gallons. Tyres disposal is completely harmful to the environment and Tyre retreading protect it by reducing the dumping of the millions tyre in the earth.

If you are buying a new tyre after rejecting worn tyre each time, the raw material used for your old tyre will go for disposal and it will be completely waste and can harm the environment badly. It’s better to reinvest some part of raw material to make your old tyre like original for replacing the worn-out treads, it will help in saving some natural resources.

It reduces the greenhouse gases emission, raw material use, dumping of the tyres, landfills with tyre and thus contributes to the environment safeguarding.

  • Safety

While you are going to buy a retreading tyre, you may want to know ‘is a retreaded tyre safe as new tyres?’

When people see the rubber on the road, they think it’s just because of retreaded tyres but it’s not completely true. The littering of rubber on the road mostly can be caused by manufacturer defects, misuse, and overloading.

A tyre is retreaded after inspection of the overall status of the tyre that reduces the chances of littering to nil. The tyre inspection is performed not only to know the number of years you are using the tyre but the condition of the tyre. It depends on how well the tyre is maintained, in which situation and what terrain type it is being used.

  • Durability

Is retreaded tyre will last as long as new tyres? This question about durability always creates a doubt while making a decision about the use of retreaded tyres.

Retreading allows tyres to perform as good as new tyres, it can add extra miles to your tyre life. The casing can be reused, and new treads can be added twice or thrice or several times depending on the quality and condition of the tyre. The number of retreading can increase thousands of miles and make it extra durable and allow it to perform as an original one.

How long the tyre will last depends on how good you are taking care of it, the maintenance, and the road type where you are using it, these factors only decide its life.


  • Not suitable for passenger vehicles


There is a misunderstanding about retreaded tyres that they are inferior in quality, do not perform as new tyres, not very durable but these are all misconceptions. You can be sure about the quality of tyres as retreaded tyres are also manufactured on the grounds of new tyre manufacturing standards and you are else helping keep the planet clean by using lesser fossil fuels for making the old tyre new.

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